German Cheung, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 22159

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

The intricate processes of psychotherapy always deserve close attention for a more in-depth understanding.

The interwoven psyches between the therapist and patient, the demands on the therapist's psychic availability, aliveness, and countertransference readiness, and the enactment of the therapist's own object-relational drama, all of which require the therapist to seek consultation and speak with a trusted consultant in order to feel held enough to do such personally-involved work in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 

In my role as clinical consultant, we work closely together to understand:

  • the powerful transference-countertransference matrix in your work
  • the impasses you experienced in your work with patients
  • your experiences of intense countertransference and projective identification 
  • your inhibitions as a therapist
  • the enactment of your own object-relational drama 
  • the complicated relationship you have with money and time, and their relationship with your self-worth 
  • and other professional issues, dilemmas, and ethical challenges